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Dandy Candy
P.O. Box 720796
Houston, TX 77272, United States
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About Dandy Candy

Where shall we start? I heard you should always do what you love and since I love chocolate and making people smile, I decided to see how I could meld the two. After researching the marketplace, I was convinced chocolography was the way to go. I then contacted several friends, with very different likes and dislikes, and explained the concept to them. Though some thought it was a vast departure from anything I did in the past, they all agreed the idea was unique and interesting, so I knew I was onto something. Shortly thereafter, two friends said they were willing to partner with me and after much sweat and a few tears, Dandy Candy was born. We believe our chocolates will bring a smile to the face of each recipient and when we brighten someone's day, our job is done. We hope you will enjoy Dandy Candy - where we personalize candy just for you!

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